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Bucktailing with strips and a Gulp teaser is the ticket these days. Use a 3-8 ounce Bucktail of your color choice, we always say white, on the bottom and a 6" Gulp grub above that. Fishing wrecks and mostly really rough rocky bottom for these flatties. Bucktailing is so much fun. Kids and adults can do it easily, just be patient. All you have to do is bounce it a little. Wait, wait, wait, I gotta hanger. SWING! Slow and steady wins the race. Want keepers? This is the way to catch them. Some days you get double header keepers, not to mention double header 5 pounders. Our trips are BYOB&G, bring your own bucktails & gulp, we supply everything else. Make sure to bring PLENTY, due to the rough bottom. Darren can't save them all!