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There are a TON of factors when choosing a 6 pack charter boat for your needs. Unfortunately, a lot of them are over looked. Here's a list of things you should consider....

  • Catching Fish (obviously)
  • Customer Service
  • The Boat (ample fishing room, clean, safe, etc.)
  • Will the Captain take your trip out in anything? (rough seas, etc.)
  • Do they fish the way you like? (not just trolling, etc.)
  • Kid friendly
  • Quality Rental Tackle
  • Quality Terminal Tackle
  • Full time charter boat
  • How much fishing time?
  • Double Anchors
  • Anchor Haulers
  • Fresh bait
  • Personable Crew
  • Will the boat fish for 2 separate species in one day?
  • Truth in Fishing Reports
  • Good network with other boats


These are just a few things you should look for when choosing the right boat for your needs. Also, they are key factors and we think that they are very important for our business. We try our best to meet everyone's needs, whether you're a hardcore fisherman or on a trip with your family. We can never do too many fishing trips in a season. Having new customers aboard with us is very important and even more important that you come back again and again.